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"Transval Health Support Product" is a range of self care orthopaedic appliances for aching back, neck, legs and knees and for posture correction. These are manufactured, based on various International researches and with close association with orthopaedic doctors and therapists. These products are manufactured from orthopaedic grade vibration dampening foam, inserted with springs and frames.

Products are approved and endorsed by leading Orthopaedic doctors, physiotherapy centers and institutions, to be used at workstation or at house. Products are a must-have, while browsing reading or driving for posture correction, health-care and comfort.

Computer users health pack' a unique orthopaedic health support pack for computer users to be used at office or homes to prevent / control back and neck pain, reduces fatigue, prevents numbness of buttocks associated with long sitting hours. It reduces back pain associated with swayback due to faulty chairs, increases blood circulation to prevent cramp and to heals internal injuries.

One of our products Transval Back Buddy has undergone an extensive trial with Indian air force under a project "Backache among Chetak pilots and trial of lumbar cushions at a flying unit". Reported by WG Cdr Sanjiv Sharma MD and WG Cdr AD Upadhyay MD.

We have developed range of maternity support products to be used during and after pregnancy.

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