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Neck Care

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Contour Cervical Pillow with Convolute Top Surface

Once you've slept on this pillow nothing else will do!
" Transval Contour Pillow "
Transval Pillow
Other Pillow
Transval Pillow
Transval Pillow
Transval Pillow
Transval Pillow
Contour Pillow
Transval Contour Pillow with Convolute Top Surface
Top Plain Surface

Top Plain Surface
  • " Provides you with proper balance of orthopaedic support and comfort." Anatomically designed, to follow the natural contours of your head and neck.
  • " Helps in obtaining the ultimate night's sleep without morning backache "
  • Head arching back and convolute top surface opens air passageway which "increases the blood flow and significantly reduces snoring and neck pain "
  • Convolute top surface points allow airflow to cool a bare neck. Provides extra air contact with body results in extra air circulation and reducing postural snoring upto some extend.
  • Introducing the most revolutionary orthopaedic pillow.
  • Orthopaedic contour creates the level of support required to help neck and head Provide superior pressure point relief to neck and head while you sleep.
  • " Anatomically design neck support makes sure head, neck and back are in alignment." Provide a comfortable night's sleep in any position, Extra length for extra comfort
Manufactured from DOUBLE DENSITY polyurethane moulded foam for comfort and durability

Convolute Top Surface

Available in two sizes


Product Code: HC-27
Price: India: 
         (Courier charges)


Product Code: HC-29
Price: India: 
         (Courier charges)

Top Plain Surface

Product Code: HC-28
Price: India: 
         (Courier charges)

Neck Support Travel (For Cars and High Back Chair)

Travelling doesn't have to be, a pain in the neck!
" Transval Neck Support Travel"
Travel Neck Support
Transval Neck Support Travel
  • Its natural shape and design is to give you a personalised fit.
  • Helps relieving neck and back muscle stress/strain during car, air or train travel.
  • Design allows you to sleep comfortably in an upright seated position.
  • The comfort and unique pressure relieving properties can now be experienced anytime, anywhere any seat any travel.
Manufactured from HIGH DENSITY vibration and energy absorbing, polyurethane foam
Product Code: HC-21
Price: India: 
         (Courier charges)

Neck and Head Support (For Cars and High Back Chair)

Whiplash injury incase of accident support
" Neck Support - Neck and Head"
Transval Neck Support
Transval Neck Support - Neck and Head
  • A neck injury that can occur when the head suddenly moves backward and then forward
  • Offers extra comfort while driving, computing or sitting on chair.
  • Most ideal for supporting neck and head during long seating hours in a chair.
  • "Helps relieving neck and back muscle stress or strain"
  • Reduces gap between neck and seat while driving
  • " Helps reducing severity of collision and whiplash "
Manufactured from vibration and energy absorbing, polyurethane foam with spring steel wire frame
Product Code: HC-24
Price: India: 
         (Courier charges)

Neck Support Butterfly

Ever felt like placing a rolled towel behind the neck while driving or browsing
" Neck Support (Butterfly) "
  • A must for long or continuous drive where neck, and shoulder are exerted.
  • Simple design helps driving in relaxed posture fits snugly into the curve of your neck.
  • Whiplash injury protection from a car accident Reduces severity of neck injury
  • Design for proper alignment of neck and body, allows the lungs to expand for better breathing.
  • Manufactured from a moulded foam.(No shape distortion like fiber filled)
  • Guaranteed shape for longer period. ( And no problem of puncture like in air product )
Transval Neck Support Butterfly
Neck Support ( Butterfly )
Product Code: HC-23
Neck Support - Butterfly 4" X 10" For Thick Neck
Price: India: 
Others: US$ 4.00
         (Courier charges)
Product Code: HC-23A
Neck Support - Butterfly 5" X 11" For Medium Neck
Price: India: 
         (Courier charges)

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