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Transval Contour Pillow

Transval Contour Pillow

About Orthopaedic Products

Have you tried just about every pillow out there and still wake up with that nagging pain in your neck and burning in your shoulders.
Well our Pillow customises to support your head and neck exactly the way you want it to.
Its contoured design matches and supports the natural curvature of your spine.  Get a great nights sleep every night.

Contour Pillow Senior
Transval Contour Pillow Senior

It is not an ordinary sleeping pillow. Anatomically - designed, to follow the natural contours of shoulders, and neck curves.  This results in providing you with the proper balance of orthopaedic support to your shoulders, fitting and supporting the natural neck curve (allowing your neck a gentle stretch, releasing stress tension).
Convolute top surface points allow airflow to cool a bare neck.  Provides extra air contact with body result reducing snoring (postural).
This orthopaedic pillow supports the head, neck and back vertebrae, making sure they are in correct alignment.  This relieves aches, pains and promotes restful sleep.  Its contoured design matches and supports the natural curvature of your spine.

Transval Contour Pillow is like having an extra firm cylindrical roll that supports the neck and shoulders with a soft cushioning area underneath to provide proper cushioning comfort.


Keeping your upper torso relaxed - resulting in deep restful sleep

This is the only orthopaedic appliance which is ideal for preventing and treating back pains arising in the inter-vertebral disc, the soft shock absorber between the bones of the spinal facet joints, the knuckle sized joints that link the bones together along with cervical spine pains.
It is ideal for Relief of Neck Tension, Shoulder Stiffness, Common Headaches, Cervical pain, Snoring (postural).

Supports your head, neck, spine and keeps it aligned with the rest of your body.  This assists in keeping away most types of back problems.
Enjoy all the comfort of a top-line pillow with the positive advantages of proper neck support.

How to use

You have to keep your neck straight!

Back Sleeping:
The pillow lays across the top of your shoulders, fitting and supporting the natural neck curve allowing your neck a gentle stretch, the neck muscles relax releasing stress tension.

Side Sleeping:
Tuck the pillow down to your neck, keeping it on your shoulder.  As your head lies on top of the pillow, the weight of the head is supported and the neck is kept in alignment.

Stomach Sleeping:
Although medically stomach sleeping is not recommended for proper posture.  No matter whatever sleeping posture you adopt, the Contour Pillow will provide support to your neck and will give you a restful sleep.

By keeping the head, neck and shoulders supported and aligned in the proper position, there is no need for another pillow.  If there is a medical condition such as asthma or a hiatus hernia, elevation is required.  It is recommended to place this Pillow on top flat pillow.

Who can Use?

Early mourning Pain and discomfort after sleep are signs of improper support to your vertebrae, change to a pillow, which fully support your neck and shoulders

The " TRANSVAL CONTOUR PILLOW " is designed to fit and support the natural neck curve.  It is two-density pillow to suit various requirements rather than one density where either neck is firmly supported and softness is not provided or vice-versa.  Pillow is designed to accommodate different body types and neck curves.

There are two sides of pillow one for a normal neck and other for longer neck.  Therefore this pillow suits everyone.

This quality cervical pillow - comes in two sizes 18"*13"*4"-3.5 and 24"*13"*4"-3.5"


Recommended by Doctors, and Therapists, Foam pillow with internal arched support that prevents pressure placed on shoulder arms or legs.

Specifically designed to give proper support to a neck condition, it is helping many people with sleeping problems.

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Neck Support
Transval Neck Support

Neck Rest

Neck Support - Travel

Neck Buddy - Travel

About the Product


Have a world class neck support while you are driving or browsing.

Most vehicle seats and workstation or home chairs don't provide any support for neck and shoulders.
This posture-correcting and safety neck support provides  Supports to the upper-back, neck and head to keep your spine in natural curve.

" TRANSVAL NECK SUPPORT " reduces neck and head gap between body and car seat or work chair.  It is anatomically designed, fits snugly into the curve of your neck with extra support to head near it centre of gravity.

Ergonomic design for Proper alignment of the head, neck and body allows the lungs to expand for better breathing.

Manufactured from polyurethane foam


Have you ever felt like placing a rolled towel behind the neck while driving or browsing

" TRANSVAL NECK SUPPORT " is like having an extra firm cylindrical roll that supports the neck and shoulders.

  1. Provides correct posture for driving and browsing

  2. Ergonomic design encourages a relaxed sitting posture relieves and prevents low back-pain, shoulder, and neck pain.  Reduces tension and fatigue.

  3. Whiplash injury protection from a car accident.  Also protects its user against cervical spine injury following rear impact collision.

  4. Reduces severity of accidental neck injury.

  5. Improves driving comfort.

  6. It can be fitted to Car seat, Executive (High Back) Chairs.

  7. Cover of knitted cloth provides extra comfort and air circulation

How to use

Reduces muscle exertion of neck, shoulder and back.

Adjustable heavy-duty elastic and Velcro strap for installation attaches this unique support to your car's headrest.  Suitable for most cars, vans, jeeps & Executive (High Back) Chair.

Who can Use?

A must for long and continuous drive,
A must for long and continious hours at computing

This simple appliance makes driving more comfortable especially on long trips and saves you from stiff neck while computing.

Also can be used on your lawn chair or rocking chair for added comfort as neck support or lumbar support.

For Individuals who suffer stiff neck after driving or travelling in cars,
For Individuals who suffer stiff neck and shoulder pain after long hours at computer or workstation,
For Individuals who suffer from a blow or injury to the neck ( whiplash )
For Individuals who have unresolved neck pain.
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Neck Buddy (Butterfly)
Transval Neck Buddy (Butterfly)

Front View


Rear view

About Orthopaedic Products

Have a Orthopaedic Neck Support
- While you Drive or Browse

A Must for long or continuous drive or hours of browsing.
Where Neck, and Shoulder are exerted.

  • The fatigue reducing and safety neck rest, reduces gap between car seat / chairback and your neck.  Most available vehicle seats or chairs hardly provide any cervical and neck support.

  • Ergonomic Design for comfort and safety

  • Reduces fatigue, helps driving in relaxed posture reduces neck, shoulder pain keeps correct positioning and provides flexible orthopaedic support also reduces severity of whiplash injury incase of accident.

Simple Neck Support

Transval Neck Buddy is anatomically designed.  Fits snugly into the curve of your neck.  Cover of knitted cloth provides extra comfort and air circulation.  Adjustable heavy-duty elastic and buckle for installation.

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Knee Support
Transval Knee Support

About the Product

Spinal alignment starts not only in your sleeping position but also in the ergonomic alignment of the rest of your body.

Here are some Knee problems and All require along with treatment - proper rest.
Iliotibial band syndrome, Prepatellar Bursitis, Quadriceps Tenditnitis, Osgood-Schlatter's knee pain, Osteoarthritis, Patellar Tendinitis, Tubercular knee, Arthritis, Ligamentous injury and posttraumatic adhesion

One of the easiest and most comfortable ways of giving proper rest to knee is the " TRANSVAL KNEE SUPPORT ".  The appliance is designed to provide maximum benefits to the knee while allowing full mobility.  This ergonomically contour cushion is for propping up a knee that needs support and that might otherwise become a painful malady.  This will protect the painful knee from excessive strain and give it rest so as to hasten the recovery period.


Old age and knee pains are almost synonymous

This simple knee-positioning wedge is an excellent support for

  1. Reduction of circulatory problems;

  2. Low back pain;

  3. Correct sleeping posture; and

  4. Providing proper rest for knee reducing pain.

This especially contour cushion could bring longed-for relief to your hips, legs and lower back.  It's made from high density PU foam to provide comfort to your legs and knees.  A unique restful support for hip problems, lower-back and leg pains.  The problems which keeps you awake at night.

The most common sleeping position is on your side, " TRANSVAL KNEE SUPPORT " gives gentle cushioning to your knees all night long, resulting in a better nights sleep.  This support also has bumpers to prevent you from rolling over onto your stomach.  Medically stomach sleeping is not recommended for proper posture, it is most stressful and pains causing sleeping positions, thus this support prevents wrong sleeping posture.

Shortly after initial usage, it provides a marked reduction in discomfort.  What's more, when used daily, it allows most individuals to return to work and leisure activities with increased mobility decreased and greatly discomfort.

How to use

Its that simple

If your legs and knees are aligned with your spine, you won't have back or knee pain.

Keeping your knees apart allows your legs to stay naturally aligned with your pelvis.  Simply attach " TRANSVAL KNEE SUPPORT " to either leg with the adjustable strap using the Velcro.

This knee support is effective due to the contoured sides.  These contoured sides prevent the pillow from moving during the night.

Who can Use?

Young or Old, athletes or sedentary workers - most people get knee pain at some time or the other

All the body weight has to be carried by the knees.  Weak muscles are not able to give full support to the knees and all the strain falls upon the ligaments.  If the ligaments undergo a long stress and are stretched for long, they start aching.

A lesion in the lower back can also cause pain in front of the knee.  Any mechanical disturbance at the third lumbar nerve may cause pain in the knee.  This knee support can offer symptomatic relief for acute/chronic pain associated with Patello-Femoral Syndrome and Osgood-Schlatter's Disease.

In most cases, jumper's kneee, runner's knee and thigh-muscle weakness respond well bye continuous use.  The knee support reduces or eliminates inflammation and helps prevent knees from giving out.

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Leg Support
Transval Leg Support

About the Product

Transval leg support customises to support your knees, legs, heel and you can read, sit or sleep without strain

It is anatomically- designed, to follow the natural contours of knee and leg.  This contoured design surface facilitate resting in the minimum strain position (legs elevated above the heart) that reduces spine pressure, increases circulation, and relieves muscle tension so you feel completely relaxed also helps sustain full body relaxation to aid in uninterrupted sleep.


This is the only orthopaedic appliance, which is ideal for preventing and providing relief to varicose veins, swollen ankles, phlebitis and edemal.  Helps sustain full body relaxation to achieve uninterrupted sleep

  • Provides Relief from-
  • Morning back, hip and knee stiffness
  • Sciatic leg pain
  • Restless sleep
  • Insomnia

How to use

Its that simple

Transval leg rest is design to elevate knees, calves, heels, and legs-even whether you are lying straight or on your side or sitting upright-this ergonomically correct leg cushion is contoured to follow the shape of your legs, giving maximum support.

Who can Use?

It has been shown to be an effective way to help persons with alleviate pain from varicose veins, muscle strains, or fatigue from too much standing.  Most useful for sports person, athletes.

This quality leg support comes in size 18"*8"*27" and is designed for use while sitting or lying


Recommended by Doctors and Therapists
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Pregnancy Sleep Aid

Transval Ma Infant Support Transval Pregnancy Support
Pregnancy Back Supports
Pregnancy-The end result is a new life, but the process drastically changes a woman's body in several ways.
  • Even the smoothest pregnancy includes some level of spinal stress. In pregnancy there is really a tendency for the spine to become an unnatural curve leading to tenderness and also possible chronic trauma. It may present itself in slipped discs or perhaps pregnancy connected sciatica. Which leads to back ache There is almost no way to avoid it, , the pelvis widens throughout the pregnancy, and the enlarged belly places a considerable amount of stress since baby is growing every second. The addition of weight in that particular point in the body will stress both the upper and lower spine, affecting women's spinal cord resulting in spinal pain.
  • The most obvious change is that of the center of weight in the body. The body's center of weight changes dramatically as the pregnant belly grows and expands, which in turn affects the lower back. A natural response to this is adjusting the posture to accommodate the new weight by curving the spine in an exaggerated way. These two factors, in addition to the widening of the pelvis cause muscles all along the spinal cord to contract in new and painful ways resulting in spine and back pain
  • The lower back is most often affected severely. By the last stage, women tend to stand and walk with their shoulders and hips thrown back to balance the extra weight and bulk of the belly and growing breasts. This, of course, places some considerable levels of stress on the lower spine.
  • The extra curve inward can disturb spinal alignment, The upper back, neck, and shoulders are highly susceptible to pain during pregnancy. This is due both to the compensation posture that pregnant women assume (thrusting the shoulders and hips back to balance the front-heavy belly) and to the extra weight carried by the shoulders. More strain is added to the shoulders as the breasts and belly grow larger, since the shoulder muscles carry the extra weight. A tight neck results from this. The neck is also severely affected during sleep.
  • Perhaps the best possible solution for back pain during pregnancy while sitting is proper back support. To be used on a chair /sofa or car seat, this can transfer some of the load and try to adjust with new posture of the lumbar and spine, shoulder and neck.
  • Complete back support during pregnancy. Back Buddy std. with its in-built horizontal and vertical spring wire frame Helps in adjusting the posture to accommodate the new weight by supporting the curving spine, Takes care of spine stress, lower, upper back and shoulder pain
  • During pregnancy, the body's center of weight changes dramatically, which in turn affects the lower back severely. Back Buddy Jr. with its in-built horizontal spring wire frame removes considerable level of stress from lower spine.
  • A simple appliance to support lower back during pregnancy.
Transval Back Buddy
Transval Back Buddy
Transval Junior Buddy
Transval Junior Buddy
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Pregnancy Knee Support
Pregnancy Knee Support
  • In pregnancy Lying on back puts pressure on ones back. Placing a pillow under your knees cuts the pressure. Lying on your side with a pillow between your knees also reduces the pressure. Pillow between the knees to elevate the hips and helps in spinal alignment.
  • In pregnancy sleep, placing this pillow between knees elevate hips which helps in spinal alignment resulting in the pain reduction in hip, knees and back .
Pregnancy Knee Support
Pregnancy Knee Pillow
Pregnancy Knee Support
Knee Support Position
Pregnancy Knee Support
Knee Support Wrong Position