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Industries and Offices Testimonials

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Bangalore - 52.

The 75 numbers of Lumbar Support supplied by you is fine. We are satisfied with it


Rahman Brothers
Chennai - 79.

FLast eight years, i had using Transval Back Buddy, I had started using this since i had severe low back pain, while sitting in the office. After I started using Transval back Buddy at office pain has reduced and not repeated.


Sunrise Electricals
Chennai - 17

For the past five years, I am using this ' Back Buddy '. I started using this since I had back pain while driving car. The pain which was troubling me for 2years had not repeated, after I start using the 'Back Buddy' both at my office and while I travel. An excellent product use.


Karpagam Traders
Chennai - 600 001

I regularly use 'Back Care' for the past one year. I find it was comfortable. In my age of 45. I never had my ache and pain.

Thank to 'Back Care'


Sri Divyapadhuka Engineering Private Ltd.
Chennai - 600 040

We are using Transval Back Buddy for couple of years. It reduces the strain caused by the occupational backache to employees arising from continuous desk work


Chennai - 600 002

Last 5 years, I had using the 'Transval Back Care' I started this since I had low back discomfort, while sitting in the office for long hours. The pain which was troubling me for last 7 years, had not repeated ; after i starter using this 'Transval Back Care'. You can avoid doctors, if you use this product.


Magnum Mail Management Services (P) Ltd.
Chennai - 600 002

We have been using the "Transval Back Buddy" for the last few years. The "Back Buddy" really promotes good posture and provides comfort and relief to the back especially when doing work in computers.