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Leg & Knee Care

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Transval Leg Support

Helps sustain full body relaxation to achieve complete rest
" Leg Support "
Transval Leg Support
  • " Anatomically designed, to follow the natural contours of knee and leg.
  • Supports knees, legs, and heel while reading, sitting or sleeping without strain.
  • Relief from, and knee stiffness, Sciatic leg pain, restless sleep, Insomnia.
  • Only Orthopaedic appliance, which is ideal for preventing and providing relief to varicose veins, swollen ankles, phlebitis and edema.  Morning back, hip
Manufactured from MEDIUM DENSITY orthopaedic grade, polyurethane foam
Transval Leg Support
Product Code: HC-120 - Upto to height 5' 6"
Price: India: Rs.3350.00Rs.3015.00
         Others: US$ 51.00US$ 46.00
         (Courier charges)
Transval Leg Support
Product Code: HC-121 - above height 5' 6"
Price: India: Rs.3800.00Rs.3420.00
         Others: US$ 58.00US$ 52.00
         (Courier charges)

Kneed to ease your knees?
" Knee Pillow "
  • " Enhances circulation give gentle cushioning to your knees night long. "
  • Eases pain a back, hip and knees by keeping your spine in proper alignment.
  • Superior load dispersing qualities relieve discomfort and stiffness
  • Keeping your knees apart allows your legs to stay naturally aligned with your pelvis.
  • In pregnancy sleep, placing this pillow between knees elevate hips which helps in spinal alignment resulting in the pain reduction in hip, knees and back.
Transval Knee Pillow
Transval Knee Pillow
Manufactured from MEDIUM DENSITY orthopaedic grade, polyurethane foam
Product Code: HC-31
Price: India: Rs.910.00Rs.819.00
         Others: US$ 14.00US$ 12.00
         (Courier charges)

Transval Ortho Shoulder Pad

  • Transval Ortho Shoulder Pad make carrying heavy load easier on your shoulder.
  • Most useful for carrying laptop, shoulder bags, school bags, movie cameras etc.,
  • The velcro fastening fits neatly anywhere on your bag strap or car seat belts.
  • The thick padding provides extra comfort and can be easily moved to where it feels most comfortable.
  • Fits any strap up to 2.5" wide.
Ortho Shoulder Pad
Ortho Shoulder Pad
Product Code: HC-45
Price: India: Rs.210.00Rs.189.00
         Others: US$ 3.00US$ 3.00
         (Courier charges)
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