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Pregnancy Care

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Pregnancy Sleep Aid

Have a World Class Pregnancy Support Product while you Sleep
" Ma' Infant Care "
Ma Infant Care
Designed to provide you with the proper balance of support and comfort.

  1. Turning over is made easy.
  2. Supports the growing belly and the lower back during sleep.
  3. Gives the support mother and baby need.
  4. Greatly improves quality of sleep.
Clinically proven health benefits:

  1. Ensure maximum blood flow of vital nutrients to the Placenta.
  2. Reduces risk of haemorrhoid formation.
  3. Increases blood flow to the baby
  4. Increases safety of the baby
Transval Ma' Infant Care

  1. Ergonomic design fits snugly.
  2. The pillow is adjustable to any stage of pregnancy by simply repositioning the Velcro taped panels to your desired comfort shape.
  3. Manufactured from Orthopaedic non-allergenic and odourless Polyurethane Foam.
  4. Pregnancy pillow lessens the discomfort of the growing stomach by supporting the stomach at a gentle angle.
  5. Long lasting, after delivery, can be used for infant care at home or during train journey.
  6. Covered with superior quality cotton cover along with matching bedspread.
Ma Infant Care
Manufactured from DOUBLE DENSITY polyurethane moulded foam for comfort and durability
Product Code: HC-125
PREGNANCY SIDE SUPPORT (with 12mm Mattress with Cover)
Price: India: 
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Product Code: HC-126
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Pregnancy Knee and Hip Support

" Pregnancy Knee Pillow "
Pregnancy Knee Support
Pregnancy Knee Pillow
Pregnancy Knee Support
Knee Support Position
Pregnancy Knee Support
Knee Support Wrong Position
  • In pregnancy Lying on back puts pressure on ones back. Placing a pillow under your knees cuts the pressure. Lying on your side with a pillow between your knees also reduces the pressure. Pillow between the knees to elevate the hips and helps in spinal alignment.
  • In pregnancy sleep, placing this pillow between knees elevate hips which helps in spinal alignment resulting in the pain reduction in hip, knees and back .
 India: Rs.850.00
 Others: US$ 12.00
( Courier charges extra )

Pregnancy Back Supports

Pregnancy-The end result is a new life, but the process drastically changes a woman's body in several ways.
Transval Back Buddy
  • Complete back support during pregnancy. Back Buddy std. with its in-built horizontal and vertical spring wire frame Helps in adjusting the posture to accommodate the new weight by supporting the curving spine, Takes care of spine stress, lower, upper back and shoulder pain
  • During pregnancy, the body's center of weight changes dramatically, which in turn affects the lower back severely. Back Buddy Jr. with its in-built horizontal spring wire frame removes considerable level of stress from lower spine.
  • A simple appliance to support lower back during pregnancy.
Transval Back Buddy
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