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We expertise in Orthopaedic support products ( Orthopedic Support Products ) such as, Back Pain Support, Lumbar Pain Support(Lower Back Pain Product), Neck Pain Support, Leg Pain Support, Knee Pain Support, Pregnancy Support Products. Manufactured on the basis of various Orthopaedic Researches and with close association with Orthopaedic Doctors and Therapists.

Transval Pain relief Products are approved by Hospitals, Ortho-Doctors, Chiropractors. To be used at Workstation and Homes, while working, Browsing, Driving or Sleeping for Posture Correction, Health-Care and Comfort.

Support Products for Orthopaedic Pains ( Orthopedic Pains ) and Repetitive Strain Injuries ( RSI ) , manufactured on the basis of International Researches.


  • This is to certify that I have prescribing Transval Self-Care products to my patients for the last 2 years. The feedback has been very positive, especially for Back Buddy, Versatile Seat, and Lumbar Roll.

    - Dr. Deepak Sharan
    Consultant in Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation
  • I regularly use 'Back Buddy' for the past couple of years. I find it very comfortable. At my age of 73, I never had back ache or pain.

    - Karpagam Traders
  • Based on the feedback, a flight trial of two types of lumbar cushions one locally fabricated, another commercially available called ' back buddy' was carried out. 12 Pilots were involved in the flight trials

    - WG Cdr Sanjiv Sharma MD and WG Cdr AD Upadhyay MD.
  • It has been a matter of experience to me that the Back Buddy is a product which is extremely helpful in postural correction. It provides spinal support to maintain lumbar lordosis, thus avoiding strain on the back and also help people who has to drive for long distances in city.

    - S. Vijaya Rama Rao
    M.S. D.Ortho., Orthopaedic Surgeon
  • This is to certify that I have been using Back Buddy & Cervical Pillow for last 8 years with extremely good results for POSTURAL SPINAL PAINS. Its not possible to keep posture straight at all times by oneself, which BACK BUDDY can do with ease at a very nominal cost.

    - Dr. Vishwas Virmani
    B.P.T., M.P.Th., P.G.C.M.T. (Australia) M.I.A.P., Senior Consultant Physiotherapist
  • This is to certify that I have been using back buddy for posture related back disorders and lumbar spine instability along with postural exercises and I have found it very useful.

    - K.V. Menon
    M.S. (Ortho) Mch. (Ortho) (Liverpool), Consultant Orthopaedic and Spine Surgeon
  • This is to state for your information that the products of Transval - Mainly Back Buddy, Contour Pillow and V-Seat are prescribed by me and they are very useful to my respective patients.

    - Mushtak Ahmed Gaffar
    Family Health Care & Polyclinic, Physiotherapy Centre
  • This is to certify that Back Buddy, an Orthopaedic posture correcting back support, is effective in controlling and preventing back pain due to lumbar spondilytis, facet joint wear, spinal imbalance and postural back ache. Patients with acute disc prolapse also experience great relief using this, in office chairs and car seats.

    - Dr. S. Senthil Kumar
    M.S. F.R.C.S.,(Ed) F.I.C.S., Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon
    Malar Hospitals, Chennai
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