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We expertise in Orthopaedic support products ( Orthopedic Support Products ) such as, Back Pain Support, Lumbar Pain Support(Lower Back Pain Product), Neck Pain Support, Leg Pain Support, Knee Pain Support, Pregnancy Support Products. Manufactured on the basis of various Orthopaedic Researches and with close association with Orthopaedic Doctors and Therapists.

Transval Pain relief Products are approved by Hospitals, Ortho-Doctors, Chiropractors. To be used at Workstation and Homes, while working, Browsing, Driving or Sleeping for Posture Correction, Health-Care and Comfort.

Support Products for Orthopaedic Pains ( Orthopedic Pains ) and Repetitive Strain Injuries ( RSI ) , manufactured on the basis of International Researches.
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